Export Companies of Sultana Raisins

After dates, raisin is one of the dried fruit that has the highest export statistics. Iranian raisin export statistics are unique and many companies are engaged in its production and export. sultana raisins Export Company is one of the best exporters of the best type of raisins. sultana raisins difference from other raisins is its unique color, taste and quality which has been able to attract many customers from all over the world.

Export Companies of Sultana Raisins

What Is Difference between Sultanas and Raisins?

What Is Difference between Sultanas and Raisins? Raisins

It is a type of grape that has been dried for three weeks. Grapes darken when dried, so raisins are dark brown. A wide range of grapes is used to prepare raisins. The size, taste and color of raisins depend on the type of grapes used. In the United States, raisins are usually made from seedless Thomson grapes. But in Australia, raisins are made specifically from larger grape varieties, such as Muscat, Lexia and Waltham cross, and are therefore larger than Sultana. They are bigger.


It is made from seedless green grapes, especially Thomson. Unlike raisins, royal raisins are soaked in a kind of acid before drying to dry faster, so their color is lighter than raisins and raisins. In Australia, some Sultanas make it without putting it in acid, so it dries later (about three weeks) and is usually called “natural” Sultana raisins. In the United States, royal raisins are called “golden raisins” or “royal raisins” and are often given a preservative called sulfur dioxide to keep them light in color. Sultana raisins are smaller than raisins and are sweeter, juicier and brighter than raisins and raisins.

Raisins and Sultana help your health in different ways. Both are very rich sources of antioxidants, including polyphenols. Antioxidants protect cells from harmful free radical damage and oxidative stress; These injuries can lead to inflammation and many dangerous diseases such as cancer.

High Quality Sultana Raisins to Supply

High Quality Sultana Raisins to Supply Our company is known as one of the best sources for buying all kinds of raisins, especially Sultana raisins. This type of raisin will have a lot of problems if it is not prepared as a preservative or when proper acid is not used in its preparation, therefore it is necessary to buy from reliable sources. Lower prices are not always attractive and reasonable price and quality should be considered.

Our goal is to meet the needs of customers, market participants and exporters. We have smoothly tried to satisfy customers by providing quality products. Our goal is to have lasting and long-term cooperation with customers. Contact us for more information and to buy sour raisins. Follow us on Instagram.

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